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We have two types of sales on the platform:

1. Sale of a physical product.

2. Sale of services.


When buying books, you are redirected directly to the author's account, where you can also get an autograph and dedications. The Fourth Son platform is only a literature dealer. The author is responsible for finalizing the order.


When purchasing paintings and other artwork, you are directed directly to Fourth Son's sales department. Fourth Son is in charge of the visual artists featured on the site.

By ordering a personalized product, e.g. a portrait, you agree to direct contact with the artist.

The time of finalizing the order depends on the type and nature of the order. Prices are set individually.


When purchasing services , e.g. a logo for your own brand or website design, you are directed to the Fourth Son sales department or directly to the company recommended by Fourth Son. The direction depends on the type of product you choose.

In the event of a redirect to the website of the recommended company, it is responsible for the finalization of the order. The time of finalizing the order depends on the type and nature of the order. Prices are set individually.


We have different shipping methods on the platform:

1. International Shipping.

2. Domestic shipping.

3. Internet shipping.


The time and place of delivery depend on the recipient's place of stay, duration of the contract and other external factors.

Artists guarantee free international shipping . (The offer does not include the sale of literature.)






Physical product returns are not currently accepted.

Artists selling on the Fourth Son platform individually insure postal and courier shipments, which allows for financial compensation for products damaged during transport. The recipient is obliged to report the defective product up to two weeks from the moment the contract is sent by the contractor.

In the event of damage to the parcel, please contact the artist in question as soon as possible for further steps.


Literary authors accept book returns in accordance with the rules of the store selling the product or in accordance with other internal rules.

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